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The PAX Era by the PAX Labs is the flagship among concentrates vape pen. Aiming to change the game, PAX setts the bar high when it comes to vaping. Its outstanding performance, exclusive design, and games option sets this device apart from the crowd. From the first puff, it’s a fun, quirky, and easy to use a device. To get the best price and also free shipping, order Era directly from the Pax Vapor Store.

One word – Bluetooth. Everything’s better with Bluetooth, right? The LED lighting changes with the flick of the user’s wrist. And pre-programmed hand gestures are easily changing via the phone. Therefore, taking a draw, the LEDs will change colors as well as the pattern. It also comes with games, which changes after turning over the pen.

The pen turns on or off by tapping it on the hand. To set the heat range click the Pod back into the base. These Era Pods make the PAX Era an innovative liquid feed system. In fact, they built it from food-grade polycarbonates to ensure safe vaping. It is a pre-filled cylinder of THC oil, which is essentially a marijuana-infused e-liquid. It snaps in instead of screwing in and is disposable. The Pods are available in a variety of strengths, strain types, and flavors.

The Signature Easy to use PAX Design

The PAX Era Vape Pen is thin and modern and comes in classic black color. The device is a discreet 3 inches long, and the LED lighting might be turned off. It comes with a smooth and sleek anodized aluminum shell and boasts full-color LEDs. The device is also extremely light in weight.

Changing cartridges has never been easier. The Simple-Click design enables the user to snap in the pre-filled cartridges without spillage or leaks. Simply pop out the Pod to change it. There are no threads to align in the Pod’s enclosed environment. As a result, it prevents the oil from clogging.

Just because they uses Bluetooth, doesn’t make it more difficult to use. This feature controls the LED lighting, temperature (down to a single degree), vapor volume and flavor. All of it from the App that the user can install on his or her phone. It accepts updates to the software and locks the pen. Additionally, the App allows the user to see the quantity of liquid left in the Pod, as well as the battery life. The user can access interactive games through the App, as well as lock or unlock the device.
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How Does It Perform?

The PAX Era delivers a satisfying flavor but burns through a pod quite quickly. Of course, it depends on the chosen heat setting. The performance is similar to that of a JUUL and works very similar. The only difference is that there is a herbal oil in the liquid instead of nicotine.

In terms of flavor and vapor production, Pod Mods are superior to a typical vape pen tank.


The battery life is about an hour and a half and can be charged the vape with a micro USB cable. Charging is fast and convenient. However, the battery life is pretty average.


Shake the device until the petals on the front illuminate to show the current battery level. While it displays the battery level, remove the pod. The petals are changing from white to one of the following colors, indicating the temperature level:

  • Green – low temperature
  • Yellow – low to medium temperature
  • Orange – medium to high temperature
  • Red – high temperature

When the unit has cycled to the desired temperature setting, replace the pod.

Pax Era Pods

Pax Era Pods are pods that go with the Pax ERA oil Vaporizer and do not fit other weed pens. They hold CBD, Hybrid, Indica or Sativa oil (a marijuana-infused e-juice), and they are made from food-grade polycarbonates to ensure consumer safety. They are available in several strengths, strains, and flavors depending on the desired effect.

Pax Era Hybrid Pods

These Era Pods contain a blend of Bloom Farms cannabis oil extracted from clean CO2. It has superior flavors (starburst and strawnana) and provides a satisfying hit.

Does Pax Era have nicotine pods?

Unfortunately, this company does not sell nicotine pods. These pods are for oils and cannabidiol-oriented.

Does Pax Era have CBD Pods?

Pax vapor do have the collection of Pax era pods for their users. They gathered top Pod providers in one list to save the user’s time. Popular brands like Pyramid, Legion of Bloom, Brite Labs and others are listed here.

What are the prices for Pax Era Pods?

The prices for it Pods can vary, but generally speaking, they are quite pricey. If you are vaping on a budget, you should consider purchasing something else. Replacement pods like the Liberty Blue Dream x Maui OG can run as high as $80 to $89 while Karing Kind Blue Dream costs $20 to $39. You can see the full range of prices here.

How are Pax Era Pods refilled?

Unfortunately, Pax Era Pods are non-refillable, disposable pods, and trying to refill them could damage the battery.

If the device is damaged because it has been improperly used, the warranty will be voided. This is a closed system, so it is recommended that you do not attempt to refill it. There is a chance, though, that the demand for a refillable pod will incentivize another company to create a refillable pod compatible with the Pax Era Vaporizer.

How long do Pax Era Pods last?

The longevity of the pod varies depending on how often it is used, and the settings on which it is vaped. A Pax Era Pod can last two weeks if it is used moderately on a medium temperature. If used less often, it can be used for three to four weeks. If the pods are used heavily and at high temperatures, they will last for a few days at the very least.

Empty Pax Era Pods

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about empty Pax Era Pods. However, if you are handy with tools, you might be able to successfully figure out how to take the pods apart and rewick and refill them. But, be warned, if the device is damaged, you will not be able to use the warranty with which it comes.

Will Pax Era Pods fit in a Juul?

The website does not mention whether the Pax Era is compatible with Juul pods. Juul pods are most likely not compatible because of issues with battery sizes and temperature control. Also, Era pods are larger than those of the Juul. Our advice is not to try using Juul pods in the Pax Era or vice versa.

Pax Era Compatible Pods

Outside of the pods made by Bloom Farms and Pax, there are no other companies that make pods compatible with the Pax Era. However, that does not mean that some other manufacturer will not make a newer version. Bloom Farms and Pax have created a line of pods that are expensive and non-refillable, so it stands to reason that another company might create an alternative. Keep your eyes peeled for compatible pods made by other companies.

Where to Get Pax Era Pods

Pre roll cigars and vapes recommends going Pax’s website itself for getting replacement pods here . They have all the replacement pods one could ever want. Available are a various amount of exotic flavors to spice up your THC hit. They have hybrid, indica, and savitica strain types, and they also have six different desired effects. Also, they have a wide range of prices on their replacement pods.

What are the Benefits of Pax Era mobile App

In terms of vapor quality, it far surpasses other similar products. The phone app assists the user in choosing the right temperature range for the longest draw.

  • Choose the temperature in small increments to find a sweet spot
  • Lock the device, so nobody else gets a favorite kush
  • Adjust indicator colors, gesture control, and vibration level
  • Download updates to keep up with it.

The versatile heat delivery system of the Pax Era gives the user the most individualized vaping experience available in any portable vaporizer pen. First, the heat temperature options of a full oven or half an oven. Second, the ability to dial the temperature to within 1 degree.

There is simply no other vaporizer on the market with the innovative features, elegant design, and top-notch performance of it.

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The PAX Era Vaporizer among Other Vaporizers

A less famous, but a very potent competitor on the market of pod mods for legal concentrates the El Gallo Mod Pod Slim2 Portable Vaporizer System.

El Gallo Mod Pod Slim2

It is also a closed-system pod mod that is used with pre-filled pods. And it packs 2 grams of concentrate e-liquid! While it may contain only 0.5 gram.

Obviously, Pax Era uses the technology of stealth yet functional design, developed for another Pax Labs product, the JUUL.


In this one, 50 mg of nicotine goes for a decent throat hit. The upside to this one is that it’s available for buying and using, probably, everywhere. While using Pax Era is allowed only in weed-friendly states.

Comparing the Pax Era with Pax 2 and Pax 3, its 240mAh battery can be considered a downside. In a 3 inches mod, which is much wider than a cig-a-like, it honestly could be better. The Pax 2 and Pax 3 are open-system devices and they are slightly larger. Even though, they house a 2600mAh and 3500mAh battery respectively!

The Most User-Friendly Cannabis Pen — Pax Era

The PAX Era is a high-quality product, which is easy and fun to use. The draw is smooth and changing Pods eliminates the mess and fuss of filling the device with concentrate. There are games pre-installed in the pen. As a result, it makes the experience extra relaxing – but they’re very basic not-so-fun games. The device delivers consistency and allows for easy customization. The PAX Era Vaporizer Pen comes with a one year warranty. This gives the user ample time to find Easter eggs hidden in its various games before the warranty expires. Furthermore, the PAX produces fantastic quality vaporizers, so the warranty feels almost unnecessary.

Unfortunately, it’s available in 9 states only (Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington only). Therefore, living in any of these states, everyone can learn more about the it or get it at the lowest price.

PAX Era Specifications

Finish:Bead-blasted Anodized Aluminum
Temp settings:4 +
Charge time:45 minutes +
Dimensions:3.3″h x .72″w x .40″d

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