Island Sweet Skunk

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Described by its supremely long duration, impressive “bag appeal”, and distinct pungent sweet citrus reek.A truly delicious-smelling sample, it broadcasts an actual skunky smell that has a bit of sweetness while in the jar.When broken up, it blows up into a wonderful combination of sweet citrus, soil, and pine that is truly pungent.FlavorLike a piña colada stirred with a pine branchthe effects— moments of staring off at nothing or deeply thinking about random subjects mingle into what amounts to a rather spacey experience to start.relaxing the limbs quite a bit and warding off any aches and pains while maintaining a floaty brand of functionality. With occasional returns of the spaciness, this med provided a relaxing but functional ride

With a THC content of about 14%, Blueberry Dream kush,weed,og, strain marijuana is a good choice for beginners looking for a less jarring psychoactive blueberry dream
Island Sweet Skunk
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