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About juul pods

JUULpods contain our uniquely satisfying JUUL e-liquid.

       Our e-liquid contains a proprietary formulation that combines nicotine, benzoic acid, propylene glycol, glycerine, and flavor. Together with temperature-regulated vapor technology, this proprietary chemistry enables JUUL to deliver a vapor experience like no other.

“Make The Switch” is JUUL’s slogan in the USA. JUUL is aimed at adult smokers who are looking for an alternative to the classic cigarette. This goes in a similar direction to the IQOS . In contrast to IQOS, where real tobacco is still vaped, JUUL uses a salt containing nicotine. This is how JUUL differs from classic e-cigarettes and their liquid liquids.

JUUL was developed in 2015 by the two product designers James Monsees and Adam Bowen. The two Americans have been smokers for years themselves and were looking for a visually appealing, very handy and, above all, easy to use alternative to the cigarette. Since there was nothing like this on the market, they quickly developed JUUL. And now you can finally buy JUUL online in Germany.



Design & function

          JUUL impresses with its compact, modern design and its extremely easy handling. It’s not for nothing that JUUL is often seen as the Apple of the e-cigarette world. Among other things, the renowned Men’s Health magazine has declared JUUL to be the iPhone in its industry.Forget everything that annoys you about normal e-cigarettes: adjustable power, wattage, air supply, leaky tanks, spillage refill sets. You don’t have to think about any of that with JUUL. JUUL is just easy. Insert the JUULpod and get started. You don’t have to do more.

How does JUUL work?

           The JUUL is basically a heating system that vaporizes a nicotine-containing salt and thus creates an aerosol. The basis is the JUUL device with the integrated heating system and the rechargeable battery.The juul pods for sale contain nicotine salts and are available in 5 flavors. These pods are simply plugged into the JUUL device and you can get started.If the battery is running low, it is simply charged using a practical USB dock .

JUUL has already made a dream start in the USA and is now the market leader in the e-cigarette market. The big players have not overlooked this either. Altria (the group behind brands like Marlboro) has now invested in JUUL with USD 12.8 billion.

Like almost all e-cigarettes, the JUUL system is produced in Shenzhen (China). However, the juul pods for sale with the nicotine-containing salts are made in the USA.

If you want to buy JUUL, we recommend the JUUL starter set .