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Smoktech, SMOK mods has quickly and easily become a household name for nearly all vapers, as their mods have taken the nation by storm. This might be due to the fact that SMOK mods have a superior, reliable quality about them that goes unmatched by few. SMOKtech has a pretty deep roster of mods and kits to dive into: the compact AL85 Kit, the euphoric T-Priv 220W (mod and kit), the staple Alien 220W (mod and kit), the touch-screen G-Priv 220W, and the simple Stick V8 Kit for those just starting out. All of these selections have a reasonable price point, so you won’t need to break the bank to get your hands one. We’re an authorized retailer, so every single mod on our site is authentic! So many colors to choose from, so many options to fit the perfect style and performance that you’re looking for as a vaper. SMOK’s box mod vapes focus their efforts and design on their durability and equally important functionality. Aesthetically pleasing and extremely customize-able, these devices are here to stay for a long time, giving you a perfectly good reason to pick one up and let the clouds roll in with style smok vape .Smoktech. Best vape pen

Smok mods also has wide selection of tube mod kits. These are perfect for beginners. These are all-in-one kits and do not require a separate purchase of batteries. But don’t underestimate the convenient and compact tube mods. They deliver enough performance for even a seasoned vaper to enjoy. Now it is time to meet the Smok family of mods. Hopefully this feature will help you to navigate through the lengthy lineup of capable Smok vape mod designs. Smoktech. Best vape pen.

Smok Mods

Smok RPM40

A unique entrant on the list, the Smok RPM40 is the ultimate pod mod.  Check out our review of the Smok RPM40 here. The RPM coils deliver excellent subohm performance, while the compatible Nord coils are ideal for mouth to lung vaping and nic salts. This is one of the first devices that can actually deliver credible subohm performance and deliver the restrictive vaping that nic salt users demand.

Smok Morph 219W

Best vape pen, The Smok Morph 219W was a recent addition to their crowded box mod lineup. We took a close look at this new design in our feature that pitted the Smok Morph versus Smok Alien. The Smok Morph is the Smok Alien’s spiritual heir. Superficially, they share a similar appearance. Both are dual 18650 battery powered mods with similar front facia and trim.But the Morph has significantly improved ramp up speed, a gorgeous display, and the brand new TF Tank. If you loved the Alien and are looking for an upgrade, this is the tank for you. If you are looking for a classic box mod with cutting edge features, the Morph delivers on that front as well.

Smok Alien

Countless vapers have embraced the Smok Alien as their daily driver. Back when we reviewed the Smok Alien, it represented the state of the art. It is still a very competitive device, with 220 watts of power, a full suite of safety features and the wattage and temperature controls that seasoned vapers demand. One of the timeless designs in vaping, some argue that the original Alien is actually still the best.

Smok T-Storm 230W

Best vape pen, When you first read that the Smok T-Storm 230W has been styled to look like a Storm Trooper helmet, visions of a very gaudy device may pop into your head. Nothing could be further from the truth. The T-Storm is actually a very attractive device. The Storm Trooper flair is both subtle and easily recognizable. Beneath the surface, this is a powerful and cutting edge device. A dual battery design with 230w of power, high quality screen and high-end chipset make this a very practical and powerful every day box mod.

Smok D-Barrel 225W

The ergonomic Smok D-Barrel 225W adopts the basic design setup of the Smok Mag Baby, but smooths the contours for an even more comfortable grip. With a bright finish, this is one attractive mod. The D-Barrel is rounded and less bellicose in appearance than the Mag Grip 225W, but it keeps the practical screen placement (next to the tank rather than the face) and trigger pull functionality. Smoktech.

Smok A-Priv

The LED lights of the Smok A-Priv are discretely located on this extremely user friendly device, but they can be activated for a full light show when vaping. But this mod is more than a novelty act. The hardware is the current state of the art.

Smok T-Priv

The Smok T-Priv is perfect for a vaper who is looking for a classic box mod but still wants access to the LED display and colorful lighting options of the A-Priv. The Smok T-Priv is certainly worth considering as a practical box mod as well. With a TFV8 Big Baby Beast tank, it can deliver powerful clouds with a time tested Smok tank design. Smoktech.

Smok Mag Kit 225W

Smok mods has a number of mods with the trigger pull design, but the Smok Mag Kit 225W remains the king of the hill. A dual battery design, it is an ergonomic wonder with the chipset, flexibility and output to match up with just about any mod on the market. It comes with a TFV12 Prince Tank, which popularized bubble glass tanks and inspired countless imitators.

Smok Priv V8

Best vape pen, How often do you vape at over 60 watts? The Smok Priv V8 has a more traditional setup and comes with the renowned Smok TFV8 Baby Beast tank. With 60 watts of output, it has sufficient power for most tanks and a compact single battery design.

Smok Mag Grip

The original Smok Mag Grip is another single battery mod. It pioneered the trigger pull activation found in its larger sibling the Mag Grip 225. It comes with a Smok Baby TFV8 V2 Tank and is a very compact and practical design. If you are looking for a single battery mini-mod and like the style, rest assured that the Mag Grip delivers the performance you want too.

Smok AL85

Best vape pen. The palm sized Smok AL85 kit also uses the Baby V2 tank. With 80w peak power, provides a bit more performance than the Priv V8. If you are looking for a portable mod with the power to chuck serious clouds, the AL85 is worthy of consideration .Smoktech.

Smok Stik V9 Max Kit

On the Smok Tube Mod front, they Smok Stik V9 Max kit delivers outstanding convenience and performance. The V9 Max kit packs an enormous 4000 mAh battery, which is comparable to many dual battery, 18650 setups. The custom designed V9 Max tank is compatible with Baby V2 coils.

Smok Stik Prince

Best vape pen. The slightly smaller Smok Stick Prince comes with a TFV12 tank and has an impressive 3000mAh battery. As far as all-in-one starter kits, a powerful tube mod is just about an ideal design. The Prince easily toted, simple to use and powerful. It has enough power to please an experienced vaper but setup and use are nearly fool proof.

Smok Vape Pods

The line is getting blurred between vape mods and vape pods. Although mods are generally more powerful, the main distinguishing feature of vape pods is that their pods (the equivalent of a tank) are proprietary and only fit on one or at most two devices. On the other hand, there is standard threading on vape tanks and you can use just about any 510 threaded tank on any mod if you have enough power and don’t mind an overhang. Best vape pen.

Although there are a number of powerful vape pod kits, the majority are mouth to lung devices designed for nic salt ejuices.

Nic salts are not to be used with subohm tanks because they are too potent. But they are great for many of the devices listed below.

Smok Novo

A compact and popular autodraw, MTL vape pod ecig, the discontinued Smok Novo vape pod kit was always a great way to vape nic salts. There are no swappable coils with the Novo, you replace the whole pod.

This is a great option for smokers making the jump to vaping but may sound wasteful. The good news is these pods last a long while as they are not required to handle much output. With a 450mAh battery, it didn’t have quite the battery life that discerning adult vapers are looking for in 2020. The max output of the original Smok Novo was 15 watts. This was perfectly suitable for nic salts only but wasn’t really enough for any classic ejuices. This lead to the upgraded Smok Novo 2.

Smok Novo 2

In a rare nod to multi-generational compatibility, the Smok Novo 2 vape pod kit is compatible with the original Smok Novo pods. But the Smok Novo 2 is still clearly the superior device, in part because of its newer Smok Novo 2 pods.

Specifically, the 1.0ohm Novo 2 mesh coil is one of the best ways to vape nic salts. Still an autodraw, the Novo 2 has nearly double the battery size of a Novo at 850mAh. The Smok Novo 2 has a max output of 25 watts versus 15 for the original Novo.

The lack of swappable coils is actually a benefit for many vapers. Not only is it slightly easier to use but the odds of leaking are greatly reduced. Check out our comparison of the Smok Novo 2 versus Smok Novo for additional information.

If you currently use a disposable vape, you can save money switching to a refillable device like the Smok Novo 2. The Smok Novo 2 vape pod kit comes with two pods, the 1.0 ohm mesh and 1.4 ohm MTL pod. All you need to do is open the box, charge it for a bit and fill it up. There is no button to depress. The pods last a long time before needing to be replaced and hold 2ml of ejuice. The Novo 2 is small but when in its element and filled with nic salts is a world beater. The battery life and juice capacity are quite sufficient for these purposes.

Smok Nord

The original Smok Nord looked like a Novo with a button but is larger and more powerful. The Smok Nord has an 1100mAh battery and operates between 10 and 15 watts. It is only compatible with Nord coils. It works far better with high VG and lower nicotine ejuices than the Novo or Novo 2, owing to subohm Nord coils.

 Smok Nord 2

For the full deep-dive, we compared the Smok Nord 2 versus the Smok Nord in a detailed technical examination.

In summary, the Smok Nord 2 is comprehensively superior to its predecessor the still formidable Smok Nord.  It has a screen and adjustable wattage. It is compatible with the original Smok Nord and capable of providing identical performance but with a larger ejuice capacity. It has a bigger 1100mAh battery. And perhaps most importantly, it is also compatible with the RPM coil family. With 40 watts of power, it is quite comparable to the Smok RPM40. The Nord 2 comes with an RPM and a Nord pod, which provides tremendous flexibility and a ton of great coils to choose from.

Smok Pozz X

With a similar form factor to the Smok Nord and Smok Nord 2, but with a forward mounted screen, the Smok Pozz X is not compatible with Nord coils. If you are only interested in using the larger and more modern RPM coils, it is a great choice. Check out our Smok Pozz X versus Smok Nord 2 comparison test for more information. The Pozz X has a battery capacity of 1400mAh. Smoktech.

Smok Trinity Alpha

The Smok mods Trinity Alpha was apparently created to battle with the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go. Nearly identical in size and shape, it had the advantage in swappable pods and prompted Lost Vape to release a less expensive all-in-one, the Lost Vape Orion Q Pro. Naturally we compared the two, check out our feature: Smok Trinity Alpha versus the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go.

Smok Mico

The Smok Mico is a diminutive vape pod kit that fits in the palm of your hand. Like the Novo and Novo 2, it does not have swappable coils and the entire needs to be replaced once it reaches the end of its service life. The battery is surprisingly large at 700mAh. Also surprising, the resistance of the coils within the pods is surprisingly low. The Smok Mico vape pod kit comes with a 0.8ohm and 1.0ohm pod. Smoktech Ideal for mouth to lung vaping, it is overshadowed a bit by the popular Novo series but is a credible conduit for nic salts. Smoktech. Here is our Smok Mico review.


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