A Day in the Life at Altius Dispensary: From Sunrise to Sunset

At Altius Dispensary, we breathe life into the world of retail cannabis in Round Lake, IL. This is a sneak-peek into what a typical day in the life of an employee here looks like.

Dawn: Preparation for The Day

Altius Dispensary opens its doors early. Our first priority is ensuring everything is pristine, and all our finest strains are ready for display under perfect lighting. We take pride in providing an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for our customers.

Next, we have a quick but comprehensive team meeting where we discuss the business plan for the day. This includes resolving any issues that may affect our service, determining the product line-up, and discussing new trends in the recreational cannabis world.

Mid-morning: Customer Interaction

As our regulars and the day’s first customers begin to arrive, every team member gets ready for a day filled with customer interaction. At Altius, customers are our top priority and every query, every concern is handled with the utmost professionalism.

Our responsibilities extend well beyond sales. We’re also educators, ensuring our customers have all the information they need about different cannabis types and products, and helping them make informed choices.

Afternoon: Inventory Check and Restock

Post lunch, we do a mid-day inventory check and restock our shelves with fresh batches of our comprehensive range of products. Altius Dispensary is known for its variety and quality, and we make sure that reputation is upheld.

Further, we place orders for fresh stock as necessary. Due to our proactive approach in maintaining our supply chain, we’ve never had an issue with shortages. This is one reason why customers trust Altius for their cannabis needs.

Evening: Wrapping Up and Planning for Tomorrow

As the sun sets, we do a final sweep of the store and start closing procedures. We discuss the performance of the day and plan for the next. All the while, we are continuously learning, adapting, and perfecting our craft.

Being a part of Altius Dispensary is about more than just selling cannabis. It’s about being a part of a community that celebrates individuality, freedom, and choice. Every day brings us a new opportunity to learn, grow, and serve our clients better, and there’s no place we’d rather be.