“Have a Giggle at East Coast Cannabis Dispensaries”

Roaming around Kittery, ME and wondering where you can score some quality herbal relaxation? Riddle yourself no longer! Have you heard of the spot so cool, it’s re-writing the Marijuana Guidebook in Lebanon, ME too? Presenting – the talk of the town, renowned for its high-quality, diversified selection that leaves patrons grinning wider than a cat in a yarn store.

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East Coast Cannabis: fierce purveyors of legal chill pills (and oils, and edibles, and tinctures)! We assure you that we’re the Johnny Appleseeds of joy, disseminating green bundles of happiness across the East Coast! So, come on over, explore what we’ve got, and add an extra pinch of laughter to your life. Your epic cannabis journey starts right here. Remember, a friend with weed is a friend indeed. But a friend with prime-grade Cannabis? Well, that’s East Coast Cannabis for you!