How to Ride the Mana Wave: A Newbie’s Guide to Cannabis

Let’s paint a picture – you’re a rookie, new to the thrilling world of cannabis and you hear the word ‘MANA’. Your first thought? It’s either an exotic bird, or the last piece of a spell to summon a dragon. But surprise, it’s neither! Instead, it’s the heart of your new adventure at the chain of cannabis dispensaries, Mana Supply!

What MANA…Ahem…Mana-ly Means

“Mana”, pronounced /MAH-NAH/, is deeper than a well aged whiskey and quite like a friendly, warm, huggers club. It’s the embodiment of respect, unity and a dash of love for cannabis. When you step into Mana Supply, you aren’t just a ‘customer’, you’re being welcomed into our ohana. Trust us, it’s more than just a word—it’s a feeling!

Whether you’re a long-time consumer or a budding newbie, our staff is ready with open arms. Don’t worry about seeming green (pun intended)!We pride ourselves in passing on our endless knowledge. Yes, even if you might think “do I smoke this or put it in a salad”—we’ve got all the answers!

Ready to ride the Mana wave?