Journey to Eliot: The Birth of East Coast Cannabis Store

Born from the passion of dispensing the best quality marijuana and rooted in the scenic landscapes of Maine, East Coast Cannabis invigorated the small towns of Lebanon, Eliot and Kittery. A journey which began as a tiny marijuana dispensary in Lebanon, quickly turned into a wholesome homage to the healing power of nature’s most controversial plant.

Our founders, being Maine natives, carried their zeal for cannabis cultivation to Eliot. The land was primed, the seeds sown, and thus, bloomed our second dazzling cannabis dispensary. This two-storied serene structure was quickly noticed and loved, setting up a milestone in Maine’s cannabis culture.

Our canvas further expanded, crossing geographical barriers, reaching Kittery, where we proudly established our third outlet. We became the trusted dispensary near Kittery, and the rest is history.

Today, East Coast Cannabis continues its quest to serve the finest marijuana strains and spread awareness about its therapeutic and recreational benefits. We are committed to providing top-notch services, and most importantly, empowering the communities that make our journey worthwhile.